Instead of hot dogs OR hamburgers why not hotdogs AND hamburgers

If you find yourself longing for summer;  picture community fundraiser and a perplexed fire chief laboring over gas grill loaded pre-formed hamburgers and hotdogs that come in packages of 48. Customarily served at room temperature, over-cooked beef patties and “all-meat” hot dogs are generally meh at best. Nevertheless, food is a nice way to evoke a warmer season and in cold weather it is wise to double-dose; hence: Ham Dogs and Hot Burgers.

Ham dogs are not elongated hamburgers stuck on a hot-dog bun (although those are good too) they are in fact the same as Hot Burgers which are equal parts ground beef and chopped hot dogs formed into patties. Red hot dogs (is their another kind?) give a most dramatic effect when speckled in the brown beef. They go great with, ketchup, mustard, kraut, cheese, chilli, and just about anything else. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that hot dogs and hamburgers are an either/or proposition.

Zack Barowitz

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Zack Barowitz is a writer, artist, and flâneur. He is the radio host of "This Land Is" on WMPG Tuesday nights at 7:30. His work can be seen at