High school basketball tournament: olives, capers, yorkies, and other dogs

Something crazy almost happened in the final seconds of Cape Elizabeth/Yarmouth game. Up by a bucket, with a second and a half remaining, Yarmouth hucked the ball straight up in the air and began their celebration. The only thing is, time didn’t expire before a Cape player caught the ball and gave a  half-court heave which hit the back of the rim as the buzzer sounded. Had the basket sunk (and it  really almost did) it would have ranked up there with The Fumble as one of the all-time snatches of defeat from the jaws of victory. But it didn’t. Not that Cape Elizabeth didn’t have their chances, a few rushed shots down the stretch made the difference. Yarmouth advances to face Greely and the Capers have the rest of mid-winter break to hit the slopes.

Speaking of the Capers, maybe they can do something about their nick name as it is only a reiteration the name of the school. (Unless by “capers” they are referring to super heroes or those little green things inside anchovies.) Would the Yarmouth team be call the Yarmouth Mouthers?  How about the Portland Landers? The Boston Toners? Or the New York Yorkers?

Speakies of Yorkers (or is it Yorkies?), the York Wildcats (Wildcats? How boring. Herein the the team from York will be referred to as the Fighting Yorkies) put in a gutsy performance against top-seeded Greely. Seriously out-heighted by Greely, the Fighting Yorkies used quickness and a complicated half-court set to repeatedly get inside to confound the large and lumbering Greely Rangers.

“PATIENCE” is printed on the Yorkies warm-up shirts and they showed it with a diligent offense. By drawing the big Rangers out, the little Yorkies would than run combination of passes, cuts and slashes to put the big guys off balance. A tough gritty under yorkie dog performance to be sure; until the last three minutes that is. The Yorkies lost their patience down the stretch and drove desperately into the Greely D who were able to turn back shots flat footed and steal a win.

I think they will have problems against Yarmouth.

Zack Barowitz

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