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Instead of hot dogs OR hamburgers why not hotdogs AND hamburgers

If you find yourself longing for summer;  picture community fundraiser and a perplexed fire chief laboring over gas grill loaded pre-formed hamburgers and hotdogs that come in packages of 48. Customarily served at room temperature, over-cooked beef patties and “all-meat” hot dogs are generally meh at best. Nevertheless, food is a nice way to evoke a warmer […]

Tired of the Same Old Carbs? Tortillas Really Stack Up

There was a time, in the not so distant past, when Americans got their carbs (or “starches”) from bread and potatoes–rice and pasta were considered exotic. Nowadays there is a lot more interchangeability, rice, noodles, quinoa, cous-cous can often be substituted for one another. Lagging behind the wheat, rice, and other grains is the maize crop, commonly […]