Sometimes the right tool for the job is the right tool for another job

You might consider tool inflation.

Many tools seem to be designed to work only adequately. A $2.99 nail clipper, for example, works–but not very well; not compared to the German-made surgical steel model that might cost over fifty bucks. But, a cheap wire cutter (like from the discount bin of the auto parts store or even from the dollar store) works magnificently.

A spatula is fine for flipping pancakes but not so good for scraping off burnt-on crap from a pan, for that I use a paint scraper. Whereas a paint scraper kinda works to remove hardened paint from wall but not as well as a cheap wood chisel.

Is there a task more difficult than slicing the first piece of pie? Well yes, it is only difficult as the pie server was designed by a silversmith and not a waiter. A small masonry trowel has a sharp edge, ergonomic handle, and useful design to make serving pie as easy as, well, pie.




Zack Barowitz

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